Hardwood Chip


Hardwood Chip, suitable for chicken coops or for use in the garden as a longer lasting weed suppressant. 


It won't contain any mould spores like the ones that can be found in ornamental bark, so it is safe for chickens to scrat in and it will help to keep them clean and happy. 


When used in the garden as a weed suppressant, hardwood chip is a decorative, longer lasting woodchip.   


£80.00 per 1 Cubic Metre Bag  


1 Cubic Metre Bag - covers approx. 10m² at a depth of 100mm.  


Bag Measurement = 100cm x 100cm x 100cm (contains approx. 1000 litres).  


How much woodchip do I need?  


For weed suppression or for chicken coops, we recommended that Hardwood Chip is laid at a depth of between 100m and 150mm. 


For play areas, a depth of between 200mm – 300mm is recommended.    


Not sure how much to order? Speak to our team who would be pleased to advise, based on your requirements.  


An additional delivery charge is applicable to all orders. 





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