Timber Harvesting 


J & S Vicary have extensive experience in the harvesting of clear fell sites and thinning.  Our clients include both commercial and private landowners as well as timber marketing companies.   


With our specialist equipment we can swiftly harvest large areas of woodland whilst maintaining the highest safety standards.  Ecological impact is minimised using tree shears and a strong,  nimble Komatsu forwarder.  


Use of our low ground pressure equipment allows efficient thinning whilst being gentle on the forest floor.     


We understand the importance of safe working, so our team undertake regular skills training to ensure their competence.  We have FISA accredited team members, and all our employees hold Emergency First Aid at Work + Forestry certificates.  


We are based in East Yorkshire but work throughout the UK.  


If you would like to discuss your timber harvesting requirements and/or the sale of extracted timber, then please contact Chris on

07956 033116. 


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