Grass Re-seeding 


J & S Vicary have over 20 years of experience in large scale soft landscaping, we offer an efficient and fast turnaround and can undertake all projects large or small.  


We use a number of specialist machines including:  

  • 700mm deep, Twin Tined Ripper  
  • 450mm deep, 5 Leg Ripper with Crumble Roller.  Ideal for those areas that have been compacted prior to planting  
  • 3m Power Harrow with Crumble Roller and Levelling Bar  
  • Levelling Bar  
  • Heavy Duty Cambridge Fold Out Rollers  
  • 3m Flat Roller  
  • 3.5m Blecavator Stone Burier, used after an intial stone pick to prepare a very fine seed bed, whilst at the same time leaving a stone free and level surface.  The resulting seed bed is ideal for the establishment of new grass.  
  • Quad Bike with Variable Rate Disc Spreader, ideal for the precision application of all types of grass seed.  

We can also provide a stone removal service to create an optimum seed bed.  


For more information about our grass re-seeding service, then please contact Chris on 07956 033116. 


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